State of The Art Factory
Chuzhou, China

Kolmeks has been active on the Chinese market since 1993. Establishing of Kolmeks Chuzhou, Ltd. in 2003 was a result of our customers’ desire to expand to the Chinese market.

Kolmeks produces and services products in two factories in Chuzhou and Ma’anshan, and combines the best of European craftsmanship with a strong local presence. Our Asian R&D and Engineering Center locates in Chuzhou as well.

In 2014, Kolmeks completed construction of its new 14,000 square meter factory in Chuzhou, approximately 350 km from Shanghai and preparations for expansion is in place.

Modern and Efficient Production Unit
Viljandi, Estonia

AS Kolmeks was established already in October 1994. The Estonian unit manufactures branded electrical motors and motor components especially for European customers.

The factory serves a lot of subcontracting, for example, shaft machining, machining of castings, coil manufacturing and final assembly.

Thanks to our modern and efficient machinery and flexible production set up we are
able to offer high quality components to our customers with very short delivery times. The Estonian unit also acts as a hub for our Asian supply chain to the European market.

Flexible and Versatile Assembly Factory
Turenki, Finland

Our Finnish unit, Kolmeks Oy was established in 1945 and with over 70 years of experience it offers flexible assembly and logistics solutions besides their own pump and electrical motor manufacturing.

Our R&D and Engineering Center serving both Europe and Asia is also located in Turenki. The unit has an advanced hydraulic laboratory, 3D measuring center and CNC machinery for developed prototype manufacturing.

Cost Efficient High Volume Production
Gujarat, India

Our modern Machine shop in Gujarat area in India works in close cooperation with competitive and well developed foundries in the region.

The unit manages local sourcing of castings and import of raw materials from Russia and China for shaft manufacturing. The unit is also set up to serve our global customers locally as well as being a part of our cost efficient supply chain offering to our European market through our Estonian hub.